Case Studies

African Case Study

The One Network is working with a renewable energy company operating in Africa to monitor communications and manage the client’s ongoing international media.   The One Network closely monitors political sentiment as well as monitoring the reaction of various affected communities.  The One Network was able to help the client advance the key milestones for the project as well as avoid the pitfalls some other energy companies had experienced – in particular from “top down” PR tactics.   While this is an ongoing program that includes a documentary that can be used as a “calling card” for other opportunities, the program has been very successful in achieving the objectives to date.


The Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is an ultra fast fiber optic technology network that supports the research, education, collaboration and innovation across Ontario. For over 2 years now, One Network has been working with ORION to help them better communicate their value proposition through video production and a content distribution strategy. One Network produced a 10-part video series called “Faces of Innovation” that tells the personal stories about the people behind the game changing research and innovation being facilitated through the ORION Network as well as the immeasurable positive impact these innovative solutions are having in Ontario and around the world. In 2015, the “Faces of Innovation” series won Platinum in the AVA Digital Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals

Watch Video: ORION Faces of Innovation

GreenField Specialty Alcohol

GreenField Specialty Alcohols (GFSA) is the largest ethanol producer in Canada, with an export business in grain neutral spirits. In 2016, One Network was commissioned to produce a 15 min video presentation for a private audience of senior ministers from the Federal and Provincial governments. GreenField was announcing a monumental technological breakthrough that will revolutionize the entire bio fuels industry world wide and position Canada as the world leader in Gen 2 ethanol. This project leveraged One Network’s unique ability to customize communication to a very specific audience and demonstrated our multi-faceted story telling skills which incorporate imagery, audio, info graphics and animations to comprehensively communicate complex information clearly and effectively.

New Beverage

An established beverage company was launching a new brand with a very limited budget.   The goal was to create a video program that would get enough reaction that it could leverage mainstream media.  We created videos that caused such a passionate reaction that the program and the brand became a featured story in mainstream news.   The product launch was a huge success and emergency orders to the beverage suppliers were required.