James is also Director of the National Computer Science School and the, the largest computer science school outreach program in Australia, and is working with ACARA on the development of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. With Tara Murphy, he has won Faculty, University and national awards for university teaching excellence; and AIIA NSW and National iAwards, and an Engineering Australia (Sydney Division) Excellence award (Education and Training) for NCSS and the NCSS Challenge. In 2010, James was included as one of Sydney’s 100 most influential people, as published in the Sydney Morning Herald’s “The (sydney) Magazine”..

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She comes to WNEP from Your News Now, or YNN, a 24 hour cable news station in Syracuse, NY. She worked in the Corning/Elmira Bureau for two years, where much of her time was spent in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier, covering gas drilling and the devastating 2011 flood. She was part of the YNN team that won a Syracuse Press Club Award for flood coverage throughout the Twin Tiers..

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Sixteen year old Hunter Green was at a vigil near the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday evening. He described the church as having only small exits on the side and in the back. If a gunman came in the front door, Green says “they wouldn’t have had anywhere to go.”.

It fitting that Santa Barbara, which bills itself as “the American Riviera,” has a position of prominence in this eighth edition of the California race, hosting both the finish of Stage 4 on Wednesday, May 15, and the start of Stage 5 on Thursday, May 16. The riders return to Santa Barbara for the first time since 2008 because AEG, the sports/entertainment conglomerate that owns the race, opted for stunning scenery rather than just the highest bidding cities. “AEG wanted a great coastal backdrop for the race,” said Barney Berglund, cochair of the local organizing committee.

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JanPlan course in Anthropology and LAS covering Bolivian politics, economy, and social relations. Studentsidentified and traced critical forms of interconnection between Bolivia and contemporary global systems. Based in Cochabamba, students livedwith host families, heard from analysts and activists, gained an understanding of anthropological vocabulary and concepts, conducted original research, and reflected critically on international fieldwork.

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